Our Response to Covid-19

Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle

Most people who come to live at Drakelands House want to continue an active lifestyle and yet gain the environs of comfort and security.

  • Ability to continue an active lifestyle.
  • Facilities to meet with family and friends.
  • Professional care to enable and assist capabilities.


Residents seek to retain their personal identity and space while enjoying the companionship of their community.

  • Individual rooms provided to encourage self time.
  • The freedom to move from companionship to privacy.
  • Open spaces to experience belonging.

One to One and Group Activities

Normally there is a wide variety of activities to take part in. However, during the covid pandemic, activities are limited to small groups and one to one time.

  • Personal choice of organised daily activities.
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Day Trips
  • Parties
  • Discussion Groups/ Poetry / Literature
  • Games
  • Music & Art
  • Sonas Therapy
  • Imagination Gym