Anne Fleck-Byrne and Chris FleckDrakelands House Nursing Home Kilkenny, formerly the Palace of the late Bishop Brownrigg, is renowned for its appealing warmth and friendliness. Situated on an elevated site overlooking the city and surrounding countryside, Drakelands House has an outstanding reputation as a Nursing, Residential and Retirement Care Centre since 1997.

The proprietors of Drakelands House, Anne Fleck-Byrne and Chris Fleck, with their team of highly respected staff are dedicated to the philosphy of looking after each resident as they would their own parents. Each resident is welcomed to Drakelands House as an individual where an holistic emphasis on Medical, Nursing, Social and Spiritual care encourages health and happiness. Residents can expect their quality of life to be enhanced by the provision of a happy, comfortable, secure environment.

It is this sense of homely comfort and ease that creates the welcoming warmth and friendliness of Drakelands House, cherished by residents and friends alike.

In the warmth and comfort of Drakelands House one finds the freedom to retain personal identity and yet enjoy the companionship of their community through active living’.

Anne Fleck-Byrne
Managing Director