Newsletter February 2020

picThe month of February brings a lot of excitement for all of our residents and staff at Drakelands House. We have two events this month General Election on the 8th of February, we recently had round table discussions at Drakelands House with the political candidates

Also this month we have a fantastic Valentines Party organised for Friday 14th Valentines Day. Mick Purcell one of our local musicians will host the party, all at Drakelands love having Mick providing music for our parties as they all know they will have a great time singing and dancing.

We are looking forward to the month of March as we are planning our next outing to the New Park Hotel for afternoon Tea.

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Drakelands House Update

Kilkenny Mayors Meet at Drakelands House
Outgoing Mayor Michael Doyle and incoming Mayor Peter Cleere enjoyed an afternoon with the residents of Drakelands House Nursing Home recently. Both were invited to share their respective experiences in their role as Mayor of Kilkenny and most particularly because both are young men, from rural areas of the county and historically the Mayor has been resident of the city. Everyone enjoyed great banter exchanging views about the changing face of the city and a number of the residents expressed concern about the many business changes to the High Street. The overall interest from the forum ,which comprised all age groups ranging from late 20′s to late 90′s ,was what the role of the Mayor encompassed – and how these young men managed to successfully fulfil the role, work in their full-time employment and raise their young children?. It was without reservation that both men complimented the role their wives played in maintaining their family life whilst they enthusiastically fulfilled their role as Mayor. Both also expressed their gratitude to their respective employers who enable them to commit to their role as Mayor as they worked flexible hours to fulfill their employment commitments. All in attendance were bowled over by their enthusiasm. Michael told the gathering about his year as Mayor and his express commitment to carers and the pivotal role they play in hospitals, nursing homes and the community. Peter who was elected 2 months ago spoke about the diversity of the functions of the Mayor and how in his unique position would meet people from all walks of life and would be in the privileged position to provide Mayorial services to a far reaching community. The residents of Drakelands House were overwhelmed by the sheer goodness of these two young men who had such great respect and admiration for each other and for the role they were elected to fulfil. They exited the afternoon get together amidst much well deserved applause and admiration of the beautiful chain of office.

Mayor Peter Cleere and former Mayor Michael Doyle meet residents and staff of Drakelands House.
From left back-row:- Sheila Henebry, Michael Doyle, Denise Drennan, Amy Cornally, Mary Morrissey and Mayor Peter Cleere
Front-row from left:- Jerry English and Tony Tierney

Summer in the Garden